Sunday, April 15, 2007


Its crazy to believe but Ive now been at Otago Uni for several months and its already the 2nd half of the 1st semester..

So I thought id put up some pics of what ive been up to.....Arana, Bullerfest, Kayak Nats, Murchison Boating trip etc..

So far the year has been rad as! Arana rox and the people make for some good times. My room is one of the old small ones but the people on my floor are pretty sweet so its all good. Kayak Nats was a wicked event!Me Aby and Luuka took out the Open womens Teams which was a big highlight. The Murch Boating trip was fun times with lotsa drinking and lotsa good times on the water, I survived the Maruia Falls which was the big excitement of the trip for me.

For now...Im back to study and hoping to sort out some training programme for the cold that is hitting Dunedin. Sweet thats all for now, Lata