Sunday, August 29, 2010

10 Days till World Champs

Too much rain dancing has led to the river gods letting loose in the depths of the Slovenian Mountains, causing the rivers to rise and Tacen to become a raging torrent! We are enjoying the change of waters. Check out Luuka's blog for pics.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Wicked Movie!

My friend Ciaran has put together this totally sick movie that showcases Slalom Kayaking- Check it out!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

2010 World Championship 2week countdown!

Training on the course is going really well. The whole New Zealand Team is now here in Tacen, Slovenia!
Here are some pictures from Augsburg of the 'Waiariki 5'!
Crazy to think that was 2months ago, feels like only yesterday!
My physios are happy with my progress and I am stoked to be paddling again:)

Monday, August 23, 2010

Recharged in paradise! Bring on the Worlds!!!

Last week I spent a lot of my time either running the streets of Ljubljana, at the physio or in the gym, or doing uni work of course:). My shoulder was feeling a lot better and I was able to do a lot more with it, by the Thursday afternoon (3weeks since injury) I was back on flatwater gates in both my C1 and K1, and it felt okay. All of the New Zealanders went to Bratislava last weekend to race at the Pre World Championships. Mike Dawson, Luuka Jones and Aaron Osbourne all qualified through to the Semi-finals! Check out results here:
I wanted to give my shoulder a bit more time to heal before jumping in to White Water so I took off to Croatia and met up with my sister Izzy! It was amazing! So beautiful and a spectacular trip. Izzy and I started in the walled off town of Dubrovnik and made our way up the coast to end up in Zadar. The coast was amazing and the water was so clear you could see for a good 10m infront of you. I was stunned by the geography of the environment, it was not at all what I expected. In Croatia there is a lot of high hills that are really close to the coast, one minute you are in the mountains and the next you are in the sea! It was also the best time ever with my sister Izzy, I really loved being with her again as I might not be seeing her for a while, she now lives and works in London!
I had trouble sleeping last night as I was getting I got back on the White Water!!!I did K1 as this has the least impact on my shoulder. It actually felt really good to be back on the white water, I know the course here well and I felt in sync with the flow of the water. I got off early though as my shoulder is still a bit tender and was feeling a bit sore.
2weeks now till the World Championships here in Ljubljana Slovenia!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Life goes on

Photo credits: Johann Roozenburg

Life continues with sun, walks, amazing baking, music, and now that the Canadian's have arrived- smack talking. Its nearly been two weeks now since I injured my shoulder and have not been able to paddle. This week I begun exercise again starting with walking and now I am back at the gym too, I go everyday. Ive even been doing a bit of exploring in the hills and bush that is right in our backyard! I have been going to the physio daily and have to say that the team of Physio's that look after me totally rock! Last night we went out for Les's Birthday and had Mexican!It was awesome! We then went into the beautiful city of Ljubljana for a few quiet drinks.

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Slovenian Coast

Today Brent, Thomas, Les, Johann, Peta and I drove to Koper on the coast of Slovenia. It was a beautiful day and great for sunbathing! We enjoyed gelatos and frozen juice and the pure salty water that was pretty much see through! It was a really good break. The Auzzy chicks and I checked out the markets on the wkd which was pretty fun. I have been trying to keep myself busy and occupied to keep my mind off my sore arm. Its horrible, I am not in a good way, I will go back to the Physio today where they will do some scans and begin work on my shoulder. Still super gutted. But I have plans to go to the coast of Croatia for a week. Head to one of the Islands and Rest and Rehabilitat!Otherwise I have been catching up with lots of University work. The last photo is a view from the Kiwi Mansion: Photo curtesy of Johann Roosenburg.