Friday, July 19, 2013

Winter time on the Islands!

 I have been getting up at 6am every morning for the last week to be able to get in a few hours of study before heading up the mountain to shred all day long! Then coming home to continue work on assignments. I now have 3months until I finish my Graduate Diploma in Secondary School Teaching! 
So with ski season under way my good friend Leela has come down to Wanaka to stay for a few weeks and join me on the slopes! It has been good times for sure. We have been hiking to the Summit of TC to get to the deeper powder and today we went off-piste to do some backcountry on some real nice Powder!
To finish off the day I went out for a surf on the local play wave in Hawea, about 10minutes out of Wanaka. This wave was designed I believe by Scott Shipley and is super fun. I was sooo stoked to get back in my boat. I teamed up with Pete Simpson, an old time legend of kayaking, he always carries so much stoke on the water and is a pleasure to paddle with! 
 At the Summit!

 Heading out to create some fresh tracks

 Day 8 at TC- Leela making new lines
 Leela- A little bit stuck
 Pete Simpson- NZL Number 1 Freestyle Boat & Legend:)
Me- Attempting Freestyle