Wednesday, May 28, 2014

PNW Edit

Pacific North West, USA. from Louise Jull on Vimeo.

Here is a little Gopro edit I put together of my first week in the Pacific North West. It includes footage from Canyon Creek, Celestial Falls, Little White Salmon river along with Punchbowl & Metlako on Eagle Creek.

Monday, May 26, 2014

White Salmon, WA

 Cruising at the start of the trip with the Kiwi boys
 On our way to Farmlands- a super fun section of river on the White Salmon, especially when it is at a good level (above 4feet) 
 Spirit Falls- The last drop on the Little White Salmon river
 Big Brother on the Truss section of the White Salmon
Me- Flying out after performing an epic out of control mystery move on Backender, LW

Before I left for the Grand Canyon I had a great time paddling the many rivers around White Salmon. I got on the Little White a bunch of times at around 3.8feet which was really nice. My last day in the gorge I paddled Todo White Salmon- starting at Trout Lake and paddling down Farmlands, the Green Truss, Middle White Salmon, Lower White Salmon and finally the Lower Lower White Salmon! I paddled with Louis and Seth and we had a good level (around 4.6) so the river was nice a juicy! I was super stoked on the Green Truss and it was fun paddling Farmlands at a high level.

Since returning from the Grand Canyon I have been back on the Little White trying to learn the lines for the upcoming race this weekend! It has dropped to around 3.5 and seems to be getting lower everyday which has meant the pace slows a little, although the rapids are still fairly technical. Stoked to be back here and thanks to all the people around that have been transporting me to the river!

Grand Canyon of the Colorado!

Below- Martina and I ready to hike down Bright Angel Trail ending close to Phantom Ranch

 The Canyon at night
 Cooling down in the river on one of the day hikes in a side canyon

Looking down at the river & rafts on one of the day hikes

A cool natural bridge on one of the hikes- this day we walked for about 10hours! It was really hot and it was hard to drink enough water!

Above- Out for a hike ;) 
 Above- Kent and Brynn coming down 'Lava' one of the better rapids in the canyon:)

Enjoying the scenery- thanks to Chad for lending Martina and I the boats!

Havasu Creek is one of the most beautiful side creeks in the canyon. The water is a stunning turquoise!

 So many beautiful canyon walls

Canyon entertainment! 

 Stoked to spend 10days with two of my best friends- Shilo & Martina

 Ready to head out of camp

Marissa pracicing some yoga in the depths of Havasu Creek- this creek is beautiful and a great spot for swimming!

 Martina nearly at the top of one of our climbs- we did a bunch of climbing on the trip including visiting some really cool caves that had water running though them

 Above- Looking up at Lava Rapid
 Shilo taking in the sights
Some of the crew

A few weeks ago my good friend Shilo called me to ask if I wanted to come on a trip down the Grand Canyon of the Colorado. I was a little unsure what to expect, joining a group of 16 (12 of which I have never met), but I can now safely say I am very glad that I took up the opportunity and went on the trip. 
On the 12th of May Martina Wegman and I hiked in to meet the rest of the group down Bright Angel Trail on the South Rim. It took us around 3-4hours to hike in with our gear (fortunately our kayaks were already with the group) we met the group that were already on their 6th day and completed one of the longest days on the river for the trip covering 27miles. 
The group was a awesome mix of people from Lake Tahoe, Steamboat and New Zealand, along with Martina from Holland. We were welcomed right from the start and had a great time getting to know everybody. 

The Canyon was stunning and the hikes down the side canyons were both challenging at times but also very nice. We were fortunate to go at a warm time of the year although the water was still really cold. It warmed up as we went down the river as it increases in temperature the further down the Canyon you go. We slept under the stars every night and for me this was one of my favourite times as the moon reflected so beautifully off the canyon walls and then the stars were really bright. We ate incredibly well with different groups cooking each night. Our trip had 4 rafts so with this support we were able to carry a large amount of food and the coolers did a great job at keeping the food cold. 

The whitewater down the Grand Canyon is mainly class 2/3 for a kayaker, after trying to row one of the rafts I understood that with their weight and the swirly currents it was a bit more challenging! The camping, the people, remoteness and beauty of the canyon are what makes the Grand Canyon river trip a great experience. Stoked to have been a part of such a good crew with such a successful trip.