Friday, July 14, 2006

Home Time

Its finaly all over! I ended up in 35th place which I was happy with. My run was good but I unfortunately touched two gates and was a bit shaky at the start but otherwise it was sweet. The afterparty was wicked and a good end for the trip.
After 40hours of flying we arrived back in New Zealand!
Thanx heaps to Johann, (our coach), Kidda, (another coach) and Sue (manager). This trip wouldnt have ran so smoothly without you guys! I can't thankyou enough!
See you on the river!

Friday, July 07, 2006

Junior worlds Qualification race

Today we had the qualification race. The 1st 40 make it through to the semifinals. My first run was ok but I came a bit low into one of the gates which lost me a few seconds and i had three touches. My 2nd run went a lot better. It was 10seconds faster and clean!So I ended up in 39th place...just made the cut. Luuka also made the semifinals with a placing of 33. But Abby and Hamish are fortunate enough to start drinking tonight and head out to the loosers party.Which me and Luuka will go to but cant drink at. O and we got 10th or so in the teams which was cool!We bet the Auzies which we were pretty stoked about!
Anyways everything is going pretty well. We went into town the other night to watch the German versus Italy(soccer world cup) game which was super exciting. It was unfortunate that Germany didnt end up making the final as we will be in Germany on the night of the final and the atmosphere would have been wicked!
I betta go,

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

The big race!

This Friday we have the qualification race. It consists of two runs and will determine whether I race in the Semifinals on Sunday! Tommorrow night we have the opening ceremony which im really looking forward to!!! The are 35 flagpoles to represent the countries here and it is pretty crazy hearing so many different accents and languages!
Im looking forward to the race but am quite nervous too. It will be good though and a good experience.
will cathya lata