Friday, November 29, 2013

New Zealand Whitewater Kayaking Edit

New Zealand- Lulu from Louise Jull on Vimeo.

I have put together an edit of kayaking here in New Zealand over the last couple of years. It includes footage from a lot of NZ classics in both the North and South Islands- Hokitika, Kaituna, Huka Falls, Kawerau River etc. 
Thanks to everyone that joins me on the rivers and makes kayaking so awesome and to all of my sponsors for helping provide me with the best gear for multi-days, racing and everyday kayaking! 
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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Kauai, Hawaii

Hiking the Kalalau Trail which is an 11mile hike running along the Napali Coast, starting at Ke'e beach.

Waterfall fun- slide was made for the movie 'South Pacific' back in the 70's! My  sister went down it pretty much everyday she was pregnant until about a  week before Arlo arrived:)

 Some dude

Stoked to finally make it out to Kauai, Hawaii to meet my beautiful niece Arlo:) She is probably the most chilled out baby I have met- below in her rainbow blankett

Had a great time here with the family- surfing with turtles, smoothies, papaya, avocados gallore, hiking in bikinis, more surfing, Awesome sunsets, amazing moons, sleeping out on the deck under the stars, Waimea canyon, snorkling, Lau Lau (Local Hawaiian dish, kinda like Hungi), Kava (Drink that makes you relaxed:)), Fresh coconut, playing on waterslides etc.
Thanks so much to Heather and Joe and Arlo for having me, its been radical!

 Really cool to catch up with Kamilla of Norway on the Island of Oahu:) We did some cool touring & her and Erlend took me to an epic party at a sushi bar (free sushi!)..the power went out but some locals bought a generator for the music and we danced in the dark, going outside to dance in the rain when it got too hot!

 Baby in a hammock:)

 Tunnels Beach- awesome snorkling!

 The Grand Canyon of the South Pacific!!! Amazing!

 Water babes at Tunnels beach

 Joe has his gainers dialed! I managed to land a bit funny practicing my gainer and cracked one of my teeth!

 Surfing at Kalihiwai beach- just down from where Heath was living

 When I was younger I was told "If you don't jump you will be disowned"...not much has changed!

 Heather at Waimea Canyon

A dude surfing at Wai Koko's

Sunday, November 03, 2013

Huka Falls!

Above- Sam Ricketts flys over the falls

 Huka Falls is one of New Zealand's big water gems just outside of Taupo. The mass of the Waikato river condenses into a tight gorge of big water waves and holes leading to a 30 or so foot drop. At high levels this section of Whitewater is very burly, but at lower levels it is good to go. On Saturday night the flow was at 90cumecs which is descent but not too high. Ricketts, Tilzy, Greg, Sean, Rob and I boosted down to check it out. I havn’t paddled it in over two years and was not sure if I would paddle or not as 90cumecs is high enough to be a bit pushy. But once we got there and had a quick scout I decided I felt good and was fired up to get back on it!
Everything went sweet! I had good lines and came out of the falls upright even though my boof was pretty weak.
Looking forward to a lot more missions here over the summer!!! Thanks to the solid crew!

 Above- Sean Curtis setting up for the main drop
 Rob gets some air time on the lead in...
 Fun entry section
Ricketts & Tillzy at the Weir
Vew from the bridge- the horizon line