Sunday, October 26, 2008

British Open

This weekend we had the British Open in Llangollen, a small town in wales. It was an awesome event with lots of competitors and a good atmosphere.
We started the weekend off with dinner and some games of pool at the local pub on the Friday night.
On the Saturday we had the Qualifications for the British Open Canoe Slalom Championships. I had two very average runs with 6secs worth of penalties. I finshed up in 12th. Luuka the other Kiwi finished in 15th. So we had both qaulified for the Semi Finals(Top 20).
That night we all got dressed up with very formal wear, it was quite the contrast to the usual kayak etire. It was a really fun night with all of Britains top athletes being awarded for their achievements.
On the Sunday the river was up a lot and raging for our Semi Finals race. My first run was okay but I had a big paddle back for the last gate. I fortunately managed to slip into the final in 9th place.
My final run was okay but again I struggled with the fast flow on a bottom cross that lost me a bit of time. I ended up in 8th. Luuka unfortunately picked up a 50second penalty so was out for the final.
All in all it was a really cool weekend!!!Very enjoyable:)
Top Placings...
K1Mens: 1st: Huw Sweatnam, 2nd:Danielle Momentie, 3rd:Joe Morley
K1W: Louise Donnigton, Lizzy Neave
C1M:David Florence,
C2M: Scott/Bailie

Monday, October 20, 2008


Last weekend we had a British Prem race in a small town called Llangollen in Wales. It was a really nice little town and the water was quite good. It reminded me quite a bit of New Zealand. I had 2 average runs. I don't remember my times but when I get hold of some results I will put them up. This weekend coming it is the British Open. It will be back in Llangollen again, so this Friday we are heading back for the weekend. There is going to be a event on the Saturday night. It is known as "The Oscars". It is like a ball, everyone is getting very dressed up. Then on the Monday my flatmate Joe is taking me back to his home town in Leeds. We are going to hit up an indoor Ski place!!Sounds pretty fun!I can't wait to get back on a snowboard again!!!
Better go...

Thursday, October 16, 2008


This week has been pretty chilled!I havn't been working much lately so have been focusing on my paddling a lot. This weekend there is a race in Wales that I will be going to. It is a UK Prem race for the top paddlers in the country.

I have started the countdown for getting my new boat!!Only 2weeks to go!!!!Its going to be sooo good to have a new boat, it will make paddling more fun too.

Heres some pics of the white water course and me paddling here in Nottingham
Click on Pics to enlarge and to see better.

Sunday, October 12, 2008


Wow Scotland is so mint!!!!Had an amazing weekend in Edinbourg! What an amazing city full of life and beautiful buildings. Thanks so much to Maddy and Dan for taking me and Luuka round and showing us the Castle and down the Royal Mile!It was very cool.

When we arrived we were welcolmed by lots of rain!So we took shelter in one of the cities many pubs. This kept us warm for many hours! On the Saturday Edinbourg turned into something amazing with clear blue skys! We went down to the farmers market for some Pork rolls. We then checked out the castle and Royal Mile. We ate Tablet(Traditional Scottish Fudge type stuff). and had coffee in a nice wee cafe.
Today we did some more sight seeing and for lunch I had some traditional Scottish Haggis!!Was kinda alright too:)

It was great wondering the streets!Maddy and Dans Apartment also had a nice view of the city too!Cheers guys, it was an awesome weekend.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Nottingham, UK

I have been training lots and working and chilling out. Life has been very sweet.

We had a dinner at the Red Hot Buffet Shack the other night that went really well!

This weekend me and Luuka are catching a ride with some of the Scottish to Edinbourg!I am well excited.

I have also just ordered a new kayak!A Caiman Torrero custom made. My flatty Joe is getting one too, and a guy Sam. We will be flying to Praha at some stage to pick them up.

I am looking at hitting up Paris for a weekend also. As flights are only 10pounds!!Pretty mint. We will see.

The sun is shinning today and im off to enjoy it!

Good times!

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Life in England

This last week has been real fun. I have done lots of training and started a job at the National Water Centre working in the canteen there. Ive been out wakeboarding again too, its mean as!!

I celebrated my birthday by going to the Goose Fair(Biggest Fair with loads of theme park rides in all of Europe) and then into Nottingham town, it was a great night. Thanks to everyone that sent me Birthday wishes!!!I was stoked!

Heres some pics of my sweet room and Joe's house and my bike and me!