Sunday, June 30, 2013

Mid-winter boating!!!

I first received the latest 'Duemstuff' Drysuit when I was at the Futalefu in Chile. It arrived at a perfect time as the weather was horrible and cold. On return to NZ it was summertime so I was pretty much in skins or with a light dry top most days. Now however, it is a bit colder here in New Zealand! Although I have to admit it is not as bad as I thought it would be. 
2 and a half months ago I broke my arm mountain biking, on Saturday I got back on the river! I decided there was no better way to get back in the boat then to do a full river run of the Kaituna incl. the lower gorges! This run takes about 4hours and is continuos class 3-4. It has some of the most epic sections of gorges with high walls and remoteness. On the Sunday I did another 3laps with 2 walk backs of the upper Kaituna which was sweet! Its at a perfect level right now of 500, my favorite level. The following weekend I got in another full Kaituna River run down the Gorges with just me and Ryan at 500s, a really sweet level! And such a good day!

I have been wearing the drysuit every time I paddle now and it is awesome! It has good gaskets and the material is light but durable. At first I was not sure how long it would last as it seemed too light and not strong. Its lightness does not seem to matter though. It is strong and has been keeping me really dry. I love it because it is really comfortable and easy to paddle in. Stoked! And even more stoked to be able to paddle in the middle of winter here in New Zealand. 
I have been coaching slalom to some of NZ's junior rippers! But with the ski season now underway I am going to be spending most days up the mountain! 

Saturday, June 08, 2013


 MAC- Walking to Mt Aspiring College to educate the youth of NZ!

 Ryan came to visit:)

Life here in Wanaka is awesome! The days have been getting colder with a lot of snow now resting on the mountains but most afternoons the sun comes out:) I have been seeing a physio for my arm as it is still not 100% meaning I cannot really paddle yet. It is quite frustrating but with the cold I will be looking to go skiing rather then kayaking anyway. I am treating this as my first proper rest from paddling in about 6years! It makes you realise how obsessed you are with the sport you love, well for me anyway! I am happy to rest but starting to get very fired up for getting back in the boat!
Anyway, here are some pictures of the hikes up Mt Roy and Mt Istla that I have been doing. Soon I will be hitting the snow, followed by a NZ Southern Season of Spring boating! Stoked to be here in NZ