Sunday, January 25, 2009

Okere Falls

I am now residing in Okere Falls just out of Rotorua. Its beautiful here!I am working at a cafe and Kayaking lots!I live right next to the river. I have also been going on missions to the beach collecting seafood. Last night we cruised over to the natural hotsprings you can you get to by boat! The weather lately has been awesome!

On Wednesday I am heading home to Otaki! This weekend we have two selection races for the New Zealand senior team. They will be on my home course Mangahoe in Shannon. So I will be relaxing a lot this week saving energy for the race in the weekend!

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Summer 09

Happy New Year!!!
I sure have had an awesome past few weeks! After Xmas I cruised up the North Island to Rotorua. I met up with a whole lot of mates and we made a last minute decision to go to Gisbourne!In Gisbourn we partied in the New Year at Rhythem and Vines(Mass Concert with over 20thousand people!!!)It was awesome!I partied till 5am and then went to watch the sunrise:)
After that we went to Rere Rock slide just out of Gisbourne!!Awesome!
And cruised the East coast!!!Very Awesome. Slept under the stars right next to a beach one amazing night!We went fishing and snorkling and got some Kina and Paua. Kitesurfing. Swimming. and just cruised!!!!
Now I am living in Okere Falls(Just out of Rotorua by Lake Rotoiti). I live with Brad L and Rachel, its a very sweet house in an awesome location. Only 2mins walk from the river and only 5mins walk from the Okere Falls store(Where I will be working).
Life is very Blissful at the moment. I am loving pretty much every moment!:)