Sunday, April 15, 2007


Its crazy to believe but Ive now been at Otago Uni for several months and its already the 2nd half of the 1st semester..

So I thought id put up some pics of what ive been up to.....Arana, Bullerfest, Kayak Nats, Murchison Boating trip etc..

So far the year has been rad as! Arana rox and the people make for some good times. My room is one of the old small ones but the people on my floor are pretty sweet so its all good. Kayak Nats was a wicked event!Me Aby and Luuka took out the Open womens Teams which was a big highlight. The Murch Boating trip was fun times with lotsa drinking and lotsa good times on the water, I survived the Maruia Falls which was the big excitement of the trip for me.

For now...Im back to study and hoping to sort out some training programme for the cold that is hitting Dunedin. Sweet thats all for now, Lata

Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Ok so its been a while since I last updated my blog and a lots been hapening so.... The Youth Olympics were awesome!We had loadsa fun at the opening ceremony and staying at the Uni complex/villiage type thing for the games. On the day of racing it was super hot being up in the high 40s. My first run of racing was going mint, I was clean until..I missed the last gate! this was followed by a crappy 2nd run. So racing didnt go quite to plan but all was good.I had a wicked time and learnt lots.

Now im back in NZL, we have just had the Oceania Championships. About 10 Australians came over for the race, 5 of which are chicks. I ended up in 6th place being the 1st kiwi girl after all the Auzzies. It was a good race and was a good result for me to have after the last month of solid training and racing.

And as for now Im getting ready to head down South on the 16th of Feb to go to Otago Uni and study Surveying. Im pretty amped and am looking forward to a new year of adventures!

Sweet, thats all for now

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Count down

Today we are having a rest day!We all got into our massive team bus and headed for Manly beach to chill and have a swim. The weather has been super hot lately with up to over 40degrees!!Walking for more then 5minutes leaves you in a sweat, but today is nice and cool. Training is good although the sessions are filling up with internationals with the arrivals of people for Youth Olimpics. We tripped into Sydney centre yesterday which made for lots of entertainment, some of us went to the maritime museum which was not the best choice, but all good! We move into the Olympic Village tommorrow which will be wicked and then theres the opening ceremony. We have the NZL Youth Olympic Physio staying with us at the moment which is great. Only 4days till racing!!!exciting! Anyways paddling is good and we are having a sweet time, I hope NZL is getting a bit of sun too!
Lata days...

Tuesday, January 09, 2007


After a 3hour flight I finally arrived in Sydney!!!After being greeted by Malcolm who very kindly picked up me and my boat, we headed back to a air conditioned apartment that Malcolm now lives in in Darling Harbor. We had a great night out as Mal took me to some wicked dance clubs. The next day we carried on to Penrith! After hours of walking in the 30degree heat with our gear in a supermarket trolley we made it to the BnB were staying at!!It was crazy, Ive never walked so far in my life...well thats what I claimed anyways. So finally we made it onto the almighty Penrith White water course! Im not going to lie me and Abby were a bit scared of the raging holes and the bollards that jump out at you, but we quickly got into the flow of things and became confident. The next few days we caught rides to the course with the friendly Canadian crew and used our Kiwi charm to catch a rade with a few randoms. Paddling has been wicked and every day gets better and better. We have now moved in to another place and were with the whole Kiwi Team so all is good! Saawwweeeet.Thats all for now,

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Training for Auz

We got up bright and early this morning for our speed session which went better then I thought after last nights Lactic sess.Its another beautiful day here which is great!
Quote of the day: The pain of effort is temporary, the pain of failure is not
Nearly finished sorting my stuff for Auz so all goo!