Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Pacific North West


Above- Punchbowl Falls- Photo Credit: Christy Hammond

I have now been in the Pacific North West of the United States for 6days! I have been lucky to get on new sections of river everyday including the Middle & Lower White Salmon, Trout Creek, The Wind, Canyon Creek, Farmlands,  Eagle Creek and Celestial Falls. The rivers here are beautiful but the water is really cold!!! I really like the continuous style of the rivers though and the range that they have here. 
Last night we went and paddled Celestial Falls, dropping over the lip just before sunset! It was just Ricketts, Jeff & I and it was really beautiful and nice but a bit of a mission to get there...after being refused entry at the Park site & threatened to be arrested by the park ranger we had to drive up the road to find a different point of entry to the river. We got on well above the falls and paddled down before portaging the massive unrunnable waterfall behind Celestial.  We then had to paddle out for another 45mins to a legit exit point. Today we hiked in with a big crew to run Punchbowl and Metlako. Punchbowl was really fun! Metlako was a big hit and for me I went a bit crooked when going down the falls and ended up hitting a bit on the side. I was ejected out of my boat straight away with a lot of force but all was good. 

 Above- Metlako Falls (82feet) Photo credit- Christy Hammond

Above- Celestial Falls- Photo Credit: Christy Hammond
 Fred on Spirit
 Ali & I paddling the Wind

Sunday, April 06, 2014

End of NZ Summer

New Zealand summer is slowly coming to an end. Days are getting slightly colder and a lot of people are beginning to board planes out to the Northern Hemisphere to continue summer living. We had a bit of rain a few weeks ago and we managed to get on a low water Mangas, other than that there has not been much water. Last week a bunch of the boys (Sam Ricketts, Lynford etc.) set up some lights on Troutpool Falls. We had an epic night session with a badass crew of about 10 boaters from the falls. I had one of my best lines ever which is pretty funny considering it was dark;) 
4days till I leave for the States!!! Stoked!

 Me on Troutpool: Photo Credit- Ryan Lucas
Cruising the Kaituna: Photo Credit- Anna Bruno