Tuesday, June 30, 2009


This week we are in Bratislava. We have an awesome appartment right in the centre of town that Mike once again managed to get us a sweet deal for, its really nice:).
Although the river Danube is up a lot they made the decision today to still hold the race here this weekend!We are all very happy about this! We have Johny(A Nigerian paddler) staying here with us this week which is cool.
Looking forward to some good racing this weekend.

Video Pau World Cup

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Pau- World Cup No. 1

There are over 30countries here and we enjoyed a entertaining Opening ceremony last night for the World Cup here in Pau, France. Today we had the Qualifications. For me, I was feeling really nervous before my 1st run and it showed! I was coming 28th after 1st runs with a time of 130 and 1touch. My 2nd run started out a lot better, I was feeling really relaxed and in control. I had a pretty mint 1st half and was feeling good. Towards the bottom of the course however I came really low in one of the Ups and then lost a bit of time in another gate. My 2nd runtime was 121 clean, I ended up in 32nd. I was feeling a bit dissapointed with my performance, but could see where I lost my time.
Mike and Aaron put down quick flat times but picked up a 50' penalty so missed the top20 cut for Semis unfortunately, the K1Mens was awesome to watch!!!Very Competitive, esp. now with the new rules of 1run counts, there was no room for error!
Luuka had a wicked 1st run putting down a time of 111seconds, placing her in 10th!!!She will go through to the Semifinals tommorrow.
Online Results at: http://www.paucanoe2009.com/en/?p=18
The weather here has been really nice and hot. Tommorrow we will be driving about 20hours(The length of NZ) to Bratislava!!!swwweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Monday, June 22, 2009

Pau- France

The course here in Pau is absolutely awesome!I love it. Really fun to paddle and a bit challenging on parts, but some really good features. Luuka, Mike, Aaron, Steph and I are staying in a sweet appartment about 10mins from the course, it is ideal. The people that own the appartment are really nice and have been super helpful too. Today the course atmosphere was alive with many of the Competing countries arriving. I am feeling good for the first World Cup here in Pau this weekend!

Saturday, June 20, 2009


We have spent the last week training in La Seu in Spain and it has been rather tiring! But has been good fun and everything there was sweet. Cheers to Kidda for the bits of coaching and video he gave us and also to Sue for helping take care of us.
Now we have ventured to Pau in France. The course here is totally wicked!Big, fast and fun. The food in France is super good and I think France is one country I could definately live in, its nice here. Today Mike crashed the van twice!First time into a fence at the course and then again into a tree!!!ha!
We have a sweet apartment here and are all feeling relaxed and ready for the World Cup here...only one week!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Italy has continued to be absolutely amazing! After leaving Merano I headed to my friend Angela’s place in Oriago, near Venice. I was blown away with her families hospitality! I was very well looked after with Italian coffee, gelato, Wine, pasta and even fresh fish from the Mediteranian Ocean! Unfortunately Angela had an exam to sit, but luckily her brother Mattio was free so took me into Venice to explore. I have never seen anything like it in my life! Venice is just like you see on the movies, with water channels all through the city! Very Cool! I really enjoyed my time at Angela’s and got an awesome insight into the Italian Culture and lifestyle, was awesome. I now feel like I have parents in New Zealand, Czech Republic, Slovakia and now Italy!
Next up I drove to Milano to pick up Mike from the airport. Whilst I have been soaking up the Italian atmosphere over the last week he was in the USA for the Teva Mountain Games, he kicked ass and won loads of cash! Totally stoaked for him! We then carried on to one of my now favourite places in Europe, Ivrea. Ivrea is a small Village nestled in the Valley of some very beautiful mountains. The Rivers are awesome and big and the slalom course runs right through the centre of town! sweeet! Here in Ivrea and further up in the Mt’s Mike and I, along with several other Kiwi’s (Brad, Jarred, Sam and Josh) competed in the Outdoor Teva Mt Games. It was an awesome event that involved several races, incl. Head to head on the slalom course and some grade 5 Individual sprint racing with a 10m waterfall. The Slalom course here is one of the biggest ones I have ever paddled! There was a bit of carnage and entertainment! A Very worthwhile week! Especially for Mike who once again did really well and won over 1000Euro! Sam Sutton, Mike Dawson and Jared Meehan made up the New Zealand team and destroyed their teams races to take out 1st!Landing them with 1500Euro and the title of the World Champion team! They really dominated the others.
After 12hours of driving Mike, Dejan(Slovenian paddler) and I arrived in Spain! Today we went paddling here in La Seu D’ Urgell. This is to be the venue for the 2009 World Championships that are being held in September. Many teams have come from all over the World to train here this week. It is awesome as Mike and I have joined up with the New Zealand Junior team that are here and fellow Senior Paddlers Luuka and Aaron. We are staying in the coolest Italian Villa about 10mins drive from the course and city centre. It is out in the middle of nowhere surrounded by hills and paddocks! Really cool. I have finished 1st semester now and so will be focusing hard this week on my training! The Kiwi juniors have a website that is pretty sweet... http://www.kayaknz.blogspot.com/

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Italy cont...

After a dissapointing weekend of racing I cruised in the van into the depths of Italy to a place called 'Oriago', close to Venezia (Venice). I am staying here with my friend who is an Italian paddler, Angela. So far it has been awesome! The coffee here is super! Her family are great. The gelato and home made wine is good too:). Tommorrow Angela has an exam but her brother is going to take me into Venice to explore and soak up some Italian culture. I have begun to learn Italian now too, its a bit tricky but good fun. I will try put some pics up soon as.
Life is really good at the moment:)

Saturday, June 06, 2009


wooooooooooooooooooow!Italy is super sweet! Some Slovaks and I cruised here to Merano to rest in this beautiful Italian Valley. Yesterday the weather was amazing, today it has rained non-stop! I am sleeping here by the river in the Van and its all good. Today we had the race, for me it was not good. I took a roll and got a 50 in the first run and was super slow in the 2nd run due to some recircs. So I finished 22nd, just missing Semi. Will relax and get some study done for the rest of wkd. Going to Venice on Monday to explore, then Milan on Tuesday to get Mike and cruise to Ivrea for some big white water!