Thursday, January 30, 2014

TreeTrunk Gorge

 The first drop
 Clear blue waters:)
 Jen- after the first drop

 Looking down at Stefan heading over the horizon of the 2nd drop

Been having sweet times here paddling everyday and working on the yacht. Last week Joe Morley, Jennifer Chrimes, Stefan Gilmour and I headed down to Treetrunk Gorge. Jen & I were stoked to make it after missing out on the week before’s mission. I can still remember going to watch one of the first crews to ever run this, we watched Dyl dissapair in the entry move (Lukily he climbed up the wall)!! I thought I would never be running it. The seal launch is almost the hardest part!! The first drop has a flat water entry that you want to head hard right on, it has a wall connect halfway down that shoots you out. The 2nd drop is about 10metres downstream and you want to boof it centre. The gorge is tight and committing and absolutely stunning!

Champions Race!

 Mass Start- End of Te Akau Rd.

 Jamie Sutton- Race organiser
 Me- swim section
 T Fox & I skulling!
 Tim Pickering- Mens winner
Gerd Serrasolses- Diving in for the swim

The Champions Race was put together by Jamie Sutton a few years ago and combines running, swimming, kayaking, biking and skulling a beer in Okere Falls! Its a super sweet event and I was stoked to take out the female class for the third year in a row! Tim Pickering took out the Mens race. Here are some pics from the race, photo courtesy Ryan Lucas.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

NZ Summer 2014!

Summer racing here in NZ has been primo!!! I was stoked to take out the Christmas at the Kaituna head to head event and the short and long boat classes of the Andy Duff Memorial Race! This race is rad every year and this year I took part in all 5 events- Long boat, short boat, swim, raft and topo races!!! Jennifer Chrimes from the UK and I did the first full female race descent and killed our lines!!!

Here is a sweet edit from Ryan Lucas of the infamous Huka Falls! Looking forward to rallying some more laps on this fun set of rapids this summer!

Kaimai Creeking- December!

ABYSS (Mangakarengorengo) from Ryan Lucas on Vimeo.

Checkout this sweet edit made by Ryan Lucas of the Abyss rapid on the Mangakarengorengo run in the Kaimais NZ!!! Stoked to get some rain just before the new year and get on this run with a rad crew- Josh Neilson, Tyler Fox, Stefan Gilmour, Ryan Lucas, Graham Ball and myself:)

Below is an edit from Ben Brown of a good day out with a sick crew back in the start of December! Tuakopai stream at high levels!!!