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Summer in NZ

It has been a while since my last update, as life has been very very busy!!!But ive been having some flippin sweeeet times!

I am now living with another paddler Mike, I will put up some pics of the view from his place. We have been training pretty hard.

I had NZL Team selections and im 2nd boat on the senior team so have been planning my big trip away to Europe!

I made a quick trip to Australia to compete in the Australian Open!It was a good experience and good to train on the big white water!

I then spent a really fun week in NZ, and managed to walk the Tongariro crossing in just under 5hours.

This last week I have spent in the South Island!Its been awesome! We had the Bullerfest(a mass kayak event) in Murchison!Wicked fun and party. Then headed to camp in Hokitika while we hit up the mighty West Coast rivers: Styx and Arahura. We had a 1hour walk in with our boats for the Styx run but caught a helicopter up to the top of the Arahura run!!!!So mint!!! Best day, and finished well too with fish n chips on the beach!

Then Mike and I headed to Wanaka to get in some Slalom training on the course there, Wanaka is still beautiful and such an awesome place to be!

Then in the weekend we had the Citroen Extreme race. A head to head race down some grade 4+ whitewater!It was a really fun event. I took out the Chicks title so was very stoked. Jamie Sutton took out the Mens, closely followed by Brad Lauder in 2nd.

Now I am back in Okere Falls doing lots of training and work and Study and chilling. Life is all good. Johno is over from Australia and has decided to come back here next summer to train and be god!Yay!

Cheers to all the crew I have been travelling with...Kat from Canada, Johno from Auz, and all the sweet Kiwis! and cheers to all the wicked guides that showed me all the rivers last week. West Coast rocks!