Monday, July 09, 2012

ValDall and Sjoa!

So after a good 10days or so in Voss it came time to depart and head towards Valdall for the next competition. This meant a totally scenic drive through the snowy mountains and included a ride on the ferry! We stopped off to do the Sangdelsegre along the way and decided to jump on the lower section due to the high flow. Toni decided to walk out early on as she had a sore shoulder but Willz and I continued. Unfortunately because of the high flow we had to walk the triple drop and a few other man eating rapids and holes. There were some really fun rapids and sections on the river too though which made it worth the trip. We got out a few hundred metres before the takeout as it was all roadside and turning a bit manky, which was lucky for us as you need a permit to be on the river due to the Salmon farms in the area! We then carried on to the beautiful valley where Toni lived and worked last season- Josterdal. Here we stayed with our friend Emily from the rafting and her boyfriend Andreus. It was really nice of them to have us and the waffles from their waffle maker were amazing! The next day I did a riverrun with an Auzzy dude called Adam down the local Upper raft run. The run then led into what the locals call ‘Ugly canyon’ (Renamed by Toni ‘Fluffy Bunny Gorge!’) The river was up a lot and the first big rapid provided a rather large hole. I got lucky and went through it well Adam took a tricky swim. Fortunately he ended up in a cave on the right that was easy to get out of and I was able to help him out of the gorge before following myself as we could not scout below.  After this small epic we headed to ValDall which is a very small little farmers town in the Norwegian Outback. Once again we came across high waters and after a quick run down the middle section we were into racing. The race which is meant to be held on some steep slides had been moved to the middle section of class 2/3 white-water. A 2minute sprint down this section saw Toni take gold with me in 2nd and a Norwegian chicka in 3rd. In the mens it was Sammy Sutton who was crowned king!
Now we have arrived in Sjoa and it is awesome here! Toni and I went with Jakub Sedivy for a run down Aamot last night and I did some instruction with a group of rad as Norwegian Chickas today, they were owning the river which was awesome to see. Big thanx to Tom and Tilzy for having us to stay last night. Looking forward to a good week here in Sjoa and enjoying my final time here in Norway.

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