Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Mountain Biking

 Ryan shredding on the bike

 So my latest sport of interest is Mountain Biking!!!Rotorua is the perfect place for this with the Redwoods forest right there- one of the worlds best!
Unfortunately on the weekend I had a bit of an epic crash!!I was carried out of the forest by the ambulance and taken straight to ED. The result was just a broken arm in the end. I am hoping to heal up well in the next month. Pretty gutted as there is a lot of rain at the moment and lots of good creeks have been flowing! All good though, getting some study done:)
My injury has got me thinking. In all extreme sports there is an element of risk, be it of breaking an arm, getting concussion or loosing your life from drowning or other. I have decided for me that sports are such a major part of what makes me happy. They are my passion, my drive and my life. I love the places my sport has taken me, the people I have met, the life lessons I have learnt and what it has opened me up to. I would not be happy without my adventures and the thrill that I get out of pursuing extreme sports. I dream up adventures constantly and hope I can keep living them for as long as I continue enjoying. I will of course try to reduce my risk by making smart choices and being safe. I want to live a long time and plan to do so. But sometimes things happen quickly and situations can be out of our control. It is just good to be aware of this.  All I can say is at least I have lived, and lived dreams.

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