Monday, February 10, 2014

Kaituna/Wairoa- NZ Extreme Race Series

 Me taking the lead over Martina through the couldron rapid in the womans final- Wairoa head to head. Photo Credit- Andrea Radler
 Sam Sutton- Kaituna Weir. Photo Credit: Ryan Lucas
 Me on the Kaituna- Photo Credit: Ryan Lucas
 LU on the Race line, Kaituna River. Photo Credit: Ryan Lucas
 Joe Morley & I- Wairoa race Champions. Photo Credit: Ryan Lucas
 Martina Wegman & I showing off our winnings from the Wairoa Extreme Race. Photo Credit: Ryan Lucas

 Relay event- Kaituna River
Last weekend we had the first two races of the New Zealand Extreme Race series. The first event was the Kaituna Time-Trial and with low water levels (200) it was a pretty hard race. Being local and knowing the lines to cut was a definite advantage. Mike Dawson ended up throwing down the fastest mens time ahead of local Kenny Mutton and Spanish Gerd Serrasolses. I managed to take out the ladies with over a 10 second lead on Martina Wegman and then Louise Urwin. It was cool to see lots of entries for this event.
The next day we had the Wairoa Extreme Race. This event always starts with a time trial from the put in to above Rollercoaster rapid to seed the competitors for the head to head racing. Once again Mike Dawson took out the mens category ahead of Gerd Serrasolses and current Sickline champion Joe Morley from the UK. After winning the time-trial for the last 4years in a row and messing up the head to head I finally pulled it together to take out the Female Title for both the time-trial and the head to head. I was super stoked to race off with my good friend and European rival Martina Wegman in the final, she gave me some good boat contact above the cauldron keeping it exciting! Jennifer Chrimes from the UK finished in 3rd ahead of Toni George who took 4th. There were 7 females competing representing 5 countries!!!
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