Monday, May 26, 2014

White Salmon, WA

 Cruising at the start of the trip with the Kiwi boys
 On our way to Farmlands- a super fun section of river on the White Salmon, especially when it is at a good level (above 4feet) 
 Spirit Falls- The last drop on the Little White Salmon river
 Big Brother on the Truss section of the White Salmon
Me- Flying out after performing an epic out of control mystery move on Backender, LW

Before I left for the Grand Canyon I had a great time paddling the many rivers around White Salmon. I got on the Little White a bunch of times at around 3.8feet which was really nice. My last day in the gorge I paddled Todo White Salmon- starting at Trout Lake and paddling down Farmlands, the Green Truss, Middle White Salmon, Lower White Salmon and finally the Lower Lower White Salmon! I paddled with Louis and Seth and we had a good level (around 4.6) so the river was nice a juicy! I was super stoked on the Green Truss and it was fun paddling Farmlands at a high level.

Since returning from the Grand Canyon I have been back on the Little White trying to learn the lines for the upcoming race this weekend! It has dropped to around 3.5 and seems to be getting lower everyday which has meant the pace slows a little, although the rapids are still fairly technical. Stoked to be back here and thanks to all the people around that have been transporting me to the river!

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