Saturday, June 06, 2009


wooooooooooooooooooow!Italy is super sweet! Some Slovaks and I cruised here to Merano to rest in this beautiful Italian Valley. Yesterday the weather was amazing, today it has rained non-stop! I am sleeping here by the river in the Van and its all good. Today we had the race, for me it was not good. I took a roll and got a 50 in the first run and was super slow in the 2nd run due to some recircs. So I finished 22nd, just missing Semi. Will relax and get some study done for the rest of wkd. Going to Venice on Monday to explore, then Milan on Tuesday to get Mike and cruise to Ivrea for some big white water!

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Elizabeth said...

Hi Louise,
Italy sounds wonderful even if your race was a trail. Enjoy the people, the food and the scenery.
Well done for Mike and Nikki in Colorado, that certainly puts NZ on the map!
Enjoy the white water, it is so cold here.
Love Mum