Thursday, July 03, 2014

PNW Summer- Lower Lewis, Truss, LW

 Above- Lead into Lower Lewis Falls. Photo Credit: Ryan Lucas
 Above- Lower Lewis Falls. Photo Credit: Ryan Lucas
 Above- Me at the top of 'Big Brother' on the Green Truss. Photo Credit: Ben Marr
 Above- Play session at Spirit Falls on the LW
Sending it on Lower Lewis. Photo Credit: Ryan Lucas

Below is a Gopro Highlight Reel I have made of the last two months of boating around the USA. It includes the Little White, Truss and the North Fork of the Payette. Thanks to everyone around for the sweet times!

Since returning from Idaho the rivers have dropped a lot around White Salmon making the flows more chill and the lines easier. We have been getting on the Little White and the Green Truss nearly everyday which has been fun! I had my first intentional swim of the year the other day on the Green Truss section of the White Salmon river. I came over Big Brother and was pushed into the cave on the right. I got a bit stuck up against the wall in the cave and was rolling on the wrong side. The next day I went back with a good crew, gave it a good scout and stuck the line!
I have started running Spirit Falls on the Little White more too which has been good. With the lower flow it seems a little more chill:)

Last night we rallied to Lower Lewis Falls which is just under 2hours from White Salmon. Lower Lewis is a 30-40 foot drop with a 5foot drop at the lead in. It has a cave on the river left at the bottom and falls into a cool little canyon. After watching the boys and having a good scout on jumped on and went for it. My line off the first mini drop was good but I moved a little too far to the right going over the second drop. My angle was good (45) but I landed so close to the right shelf that I smashed my paddle in half and went upside down...I was up against the wall for a bit and tried to push up off it but it was really slippery so I swum. Luckily it was just my paddle that got broken!

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