Sunday, August 03, 2014


 Nicole cooking at camp 1
 The chickas!
 Campspot 1- Glomaga. We rated this a 9;)
Looking down at the Lake on the Glomaga halfway down the run, SO BEAUTIFUL 
 Nicole and I chilling on the Glomaga:)
 Nicole making her way down a boulder garden on the Glomaga
 Dag the Norwegian Viking on the Glomaga!

 Diego on the Rana
 A typical roadside Norwegian stout!
 Ron crushing one of the drops on the Upper Susna
 Katrina & Mariann on there way into the Lomsdalselva!
 Campspot 1 on the Lomsdalselva, Rating 9
 The put in for the Lomsdalselva
 Nicole on one of the first drops of the Lomsdalselva
 Our view from campspot 2 of the Lomsdalselva: rating 10!
 Ron on a sweet double slide on the 2nd day of the Lomsdalselva
 Coffee & Cake at the takeout of the Lomsdalselva

 Me on one of the first runs we did, the Krataga. Photo Credit: Ron Fisher

 Lomsdalselva Goods
 At the bottom of the double slide on the Lomsdalselva
 Checking out the Icebergs on the way into the Lomsdalselva
 Making a boot on the Krataga
At the bottom of one of the slides on the Krataga

  Chilling at one of the most beautiful campspots- Marianns property in Northern Norway!
 At the top of one of the slides on the Krataga
Katrina, Nicole & Mariann on the ferry on our way North of the Arctic Circle!

Booking tickets to Norway for a 3week trip with a bunch of my friends was definitely one of the better moves I have made in 2014! With Norway having its hottest summer in 100years we were in for quite a different Norway trip compared to the typical rainy Norwegian summers! 

We had an awesome crew with Mariann, Ron, Katrina, Nicole, Diego and I along with the people we met up with along the way. This included Dag, Fillipo, Betty, Adriene, Phil, Philip, Thilo, Stephan, Antoine, Julian, Toni and Jamie! We paddled a different river pretty much everyday making the end tally to 15 different rivers! We did the 2nd decent of the Glomaga River in 3days, this river flows in-between Norways two biggest Glaciers. It had a pretty epic hike in with some stunning lake crossings and we got to slide our way down some snow. Thanks to Fillipo we made some pretty cool carry systems with ty downs, they worked well but were a little hard on the back. 
The scenery on this run was pretty amazing and the river had a fun creek style that became more big water as we got further and further down the run. We portaged some really big drops at the start of the run and towards the end we had a big portage around a gnarly unrunnable gorge. Towards the end of the run it opened up a lot but still had some smaller gorges. Most of the difficult rapids on this run could be portaged. We also got on the Lomsdalselva which is an amazing multi-day with granite style classic slides, drops and some really cool boulder garden gorges. This run starts with a epic hike in up hills and across lakes. Finishing in the Fjords we were greeted by a cute couple who served us coffee and cake before giving us a ride in there boat across the fjords to our vans. I would rate this run highly and definitely be keen to get back on it. Well the flow was okay for us I think more water would make it a world class classic! 

I could write for days about the different rivers we explored over the 20days that I was in Norway but instead I think it is easier to just put up some of the beautiful pictures:) 
To summarise our trip: Epic sunny weather, many fun slides and drops, Ron’s homemade brewed beer is the best, when in Northern Norway take insect repellent, Every campsite in Norway is class 5 amazing! we started up near Mo I Rana went to Sjoa and ended in Voss. 

Rivers we paddled: 
Vefsna (Lower Section)
Susna (Classic Section)
Unker Elva
Vefsna (Town Run)
Glomaga (Multi-day)
Susna (Upper into classic section)
Sjoa (Amot section)
Marine Canyon (Raundalselva)

Huge thanks to everyone for such an amazing trip! Especially Ron and Mariann. Also thanks to my sponsors for helping make this trip possible and gearing me up with the best gear in the business- Watershed Drybags  Lettmann


Owl Rafting said...

Having met you on the Rivers edge of an international Slalom event, at that time training and racing alongside our daughter Katrina in NZ, Europe, USA - all for slalom gates, precision kayaking then switcing gears to River Running, and Extreme Kayaking...I understand, and respect your skill, love for the sport and expertise.
That you are able to transition and share your experiences is a thrill. I am so proud of you, and what you are able to achieve.
Hugs from Canada. You know you always have a home here on the Madawaska and Ottawa River ! Claudia

*Louise* said...

Thank you so much Claudia!!!
So so stoked to have met your awesome family and to be able to share the love and adventure with your girl Katrina!!! We really had an amazing time and I am already excited for the next trip!
I hope to make it back to your wicked place soon.
Always welcome with me in New Zealand too!
Love Lulu