Monday, September 08, 2014


Watershed Drybags are hands down the worlds most versatile Drybags and they kept our gear really dry:)

 At the beginning of the coast
 SUP- one morning we got up really early to do some Supping!
 Clear waters...

 Along the coast there are a lot of waterfalls that fall into the ocean!
 We took good gear to protect us from the sun but in the end we just wore our bikinis anyway;)
 This beach you can only get to by swimming and its just across from where we camped in the Kalalau Valley

 We took candles to light the cave with our hammocks!

 So many epic caves along the coast

 So many Guavas and bananas in the Kalalau Valley!

 Sunset was stunning
Looking back at the beach we camped at in the Kalalau valley- so pretty.

After landing in Kauai I was taken straight to watch Micheal Franti live in concert. The next day we went surfing with turtles! Then at sunrise the next day we launched into the ocean with a 2person sea kayak & chased rainbows along the Na Pali coast, were greeted by dolphins, saw waterfalls into the ocean and went hiking in the Kalalau Valley that has an abundance of guavas and bananas! We slid down natural water slides, slept in a candlelit cave in our hammocks and swam to a deserted beach. Finally we made it out to meet my niece Arlo & Joe! We completed the 17mile coast in 2days and it was probably about 5 hours of paddling all up. I would fully recommend this trip to pretty much anyone, it was awesome!!!Thanks so much to my sister Heather for such a magical time. And thanks to Watershed Drybags for keeping out gear dry. 

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