Wednesday, August 27, 2014


 50/50 on the Ashlu! This picture was taken right before I was swallowed and thrown deep into the pit of this drop. I experienced both good and bad lines on this drop. Photo credit: Mathew Swanson
 Camping out by the Elaho is pretty magical;)
 Getting my bow up on the first of the small drops on 'Fear Canyon' of the Elaho.

 Andraz Krpic on the first drop of the Upper Cheakamus- a sick class 4 section of continuous whitewater
 Looking down into 'Fear Canyon'
 Aniol Serrasolses showing us how its done on 50/50 of the Ashlu

Stoked to meet up & paddle with Spanish charger Ali, this chick is progressing super fast and crushing her lines:)
Andraz on his way into the Ashlu Box Canyon
Testing out my new gear with full submersion;) My Palm Equipment Drysuit passed the test and was necessary for most rivers in BC as the water can be cold!

I have been dreaming of visiting British Columbia for the last few years and now I have finally made it! The month of August this year saw the opening of good water levels for the Grand Canyon of the Stikine. Well the car I headed North with was on their way there I was just stoked to make it as far as Whistler to get a taste of what BC whitewater is all about. I was fortunate to meet up with a good mix of the locals and international paddling crews that were meandering about the Whistler/Squamish area. Together we explored some of the local classics and had a great time camping out in the beautiful BC backyard!

My time in BC pretty much wraps up my international tour for 2014. I was stoked to get multiple laps on the Upper Cheakamus, ‘Balls to the Wall’ section of the Cheakamus, Fear Canyon of the Elaho, Ashlu Box Canyon & a run on the ‘Soo’ river as well as the ‘Mine’ section of the Ashlu. I was definitely feeling tired towards the end of my trip and had a couple of swims that I think reflect the need for rest! Its so important to listen to our bodies and this is something that I am stoked to develop more and more. All up I was really happy with my paddling and time in BC! I definitely want to come back for more and get back on some of these runs. The Ashlu was probably my favourite as it was so epicly beautiful and had a good mix of river terrain. ‘Fear Canyon’ came in at a close second as it was super exciting and challenging:)

Thanks so much to the crew- Richard Kemble, Ric Moxon, Kristoff, Dave, Hector, Hannah etc. 

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