Sunday, May 17, 2009

Life in Bratislava

It has been a week now that we have been staying in Bratislava. At the start of the week I was really sick with a sore throat and some kind of cold/flu, so I was stuck in bed on Monday and Tuesday drinking lots of tea and taking heaps of pills. Thanks so much to the Benus’s for taking care of me! Esp. their father who came and bought me lots of medication. On Wednesday I felt a bit better and was back in action and training! So I wasn’t in the best shape for the weekends racing with only a few sessions on the course, but feeling much better so it was all on. The Slovak 2nd lot of selection races began on Saturday. My runs were both horrible. My first run I had a stupid 50 near the end of the course and my 2nd run I got caught in a few spots and lost heaps of time. Mike had 2 solid runs. His 2nd run was really quick but he had 2touches. Then on Sunday I had one ok run and another shocker. All good racing experience though. Mike had a 1 sweet run and 1 not so sweet run!
It was pretty tight racing, im glad it wasn't my team selection races thats for sure! We are pretty lucky in NZ!
It is super fun here chilling with our mates the Benus's and going rock climbing and skating and scootering and just paddling on the wicked whitewater that Bratislava has to offer. These next few weeks here are going to be good.

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