Monday, May 25, 2009


This week has been full on! We have been training hard at the course in Cunovo and I have been working on assignments. On Thursday Mike, Danka and myself cruised in the van to Ljubiana. We enjoyed a pizza in the city centre and paddled on the white water course there. The next day we drove up to a small town in the Slovenian mountains, near Bovec. It was a very scenic drive! Slovenia is a very beautiful country!! In the valley rested a quant wee village that was holding a sports festival with an extreme kayak race down the Soca river, mountain biking, rock climbing and parachuting. On the Saturday Danka and I cheered on Mike as he kicked ass in the kayak race! After several head to head rounds he was crowned champion! Was an awesome race with good competition, and it was awesome for Mike, esp. Since there was prize money!
It was a beautiful clear night with lots of stars so we slept outside on the grass after the concert that was held in the centre of the village. On the Sunday we travelled on to Solkan for some training on the fast white water, and then back to the land where beer is cheaper then water and our second home with the Benus’s, Slovakia!!!

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