Saturday, May 09, 2009

Tatra Slalom Race

On Friday we had the first race of this event. My first run was clean but had a few errors and put me in 20th, 2nd run had different errors but the same run time as my first so I ended up in 27th. Mike was fast and would have placed in the top 10 however he had a touch so this knocked him down to 21st. There were about 90K1M and 60K1W.
On the Saturday it was the qualifications for the Tatra Slalom. I had a good first run, that was clean but had a few minor errors. This put me in 15th, then my 2nd run was worse so I moved into 20th, just making it through to Sundays Semifinal(Top 20). It was very tight in the K1M and Mike missed Semi. After the race our Slovak mates, the Benus's took me up the low Tatra Mountains on a chairlift into the snow!!!was awesome, such a sweet view!
Today I have the Semi finals. Then tonight after the race we will head to Bratislava.

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Les and Kay said...

congrats Lou well done