Tuesday, July 19, 2011


The last week here in Slovakia has been totally awesome! Training has been super good here on the super sweet white-water course and my time inbetween sessions has been filled with volleyball, table tennis, reading books in the hammocks, drinking kofola, pivo and great coffee with friends:). The other night my Auzzy friend Roz and I slept outside on the trampoline under the stars!It was really nice and a bit of fun, even if it did turn a bit windy! The weather has generally been really hot which has called for swims down the course to cool off! Although last night we experienced some furious thunder and lightning! The training slots have quietened down after the nation training last week which has meant training has not been too crowded and I have been fortunate to join in with some friends from abroad on there sessions, including some sessions with my Slovak mates:). Another few days of training before boarding the plane and hitting up London town on Friday! Sweet!

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