Monday, January 09, 2012


The new year has had a wet start with plenty of rain to full the rivers!

On Sunday a large international crew headed to the Kaimai ranges and jumped on the Mangakarangaranga and Wairoa runs- checkout Mikes blog for a better update on this run. Then on Monday Sam Sutton kindly transported another epic crew of around 10 of us over to the Mangarewa- a very scenic and good 4hour run that was loaded with a lot of good drops and white water. Cheers to LU Urwin, T Fox, Kenny Mutton, Brendan B, Martina Wegman, Maxi, Mikey D, Sam n Jamie Sutton, Severin, Julian, Paula and anyone else I have missed that was on the crew on Sun/Mon.
Also checkout Martina's blog for her update!

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