Tuesday, February 07, 2012


In September this year I went to the biggest Kayaking tradeshow in Europe, Kanumesse and SUP Expo. Kanumesse showcases the kayaking industries top gear and businesses that are on the market. This year SUP-Stand Up Paddle boards were also taking part in the expo. I was really interested in this as it looks like really good fun and awesome cross-training for kayaking! So I had a go, and it turned out it was really fun!!! 'Pau-Hana' are based in the USA and manufacture boards for surfing, racing and flatwater cruising. They were at the expo and let me try out their boards.

Since arriving back in NZL I have been doing a lot of kayaking and thanks to Pau-Hana I am now able to do some cross-training on my SUP!!!On the weekend I went to Raglan where my sister is based and I have been using it in our local beach- Maketu. I went out this morning for about 2hours on the lake and it is an awesome workout, I feel exhausted but totally stoked! Heres some pics from my little mission with my flatmate Shilo up to the Hamurana Springs:)

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