Friday, June 22, 2012

Up in Norway without a boat, paddle, lifejacket and helmet...

With Norway in our sights Toni and I packed up and headed off to San Francisco airport around midnight to catch our 6am flight! When busy studying I had read the departure time wrong and thought we were flying out at midday!! Lucky Toni checked! I’ve never missed a flight before but this time was close! We were cruising along the midnight around 1am when we heard a massive bang! The roofrack, kayaks and paddles had all come loose and were flying down the road and under the approaching trucks. The first truck pulled over with my kayak wedged beneath it. This was followed by Toni’s being dragged along by another truck and our paddles being split in the middle. Gutted. I was in shock and the sight was very sobering. In my kayak was a few dry bags of gear along with my Sweet helmet and lifejacket which were now quite destroyed! I was sooo gutted. Ready to fly to one of the World’s most renowned places for beautiful waterfalls and amazing kayaking and 4 of my 5 key items were missing! Kayak, BV, Paddles and helmet! Toni’s boat was also demolished and gone! We managed to make out flight on to Norway and were blessed to travel without the hassle of kayaks- amazing to go through the checkout in less than 20mintutes and have no arguements or massive charges for overweight definitely felt like something was missing.
Hopefully we can figure something out when we get to Norway!

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