Thursday, September 13, 2012

Mission on

Canada has been totally awesome!Loaded with maple syrup, poutine, moosetracks icecream, grizzly bears and beautiful people I have had a great first visit, I am sure it will not be my last.
To end my trip here I celebrated with a wine and cheese sleepover on Miami beach of the Ottawa river. Lou Urwin rallyed a sweet crew and we raged till dawn.
I am now ready to hit the road and head back to the United States of America with my good friend, Katrina Van Wijk! We have a sick roady planned and will be joined by Louise Urwin this weekend at the Gauley Festival in West Virginia. We will then head down to the South East to paddle the Green and rivers around.
So pumped for the next adventures! Back in my creekboat and on the road:)
Big Thank you to everyone here in Canada that made me feel so welcome. I had an absolute blast instructing on the Madawaska river and met some really nice people in the process. I feel like my kayak instruction has come along way as I have learnt a lot from all of my work colleagues.
Biggest Thanks must go out to Claudia, Dirk, Steffi and Katrina Van Wijk!!! They have taken me in and really looked after me, and of course showed me a great time on the river, at the Wilno and in their little paradice. Its been a privilege to stay with them here in this beautiful valley.

Note- People here don't understand my Kiwi very well, I mean to say:
Go Left not Go lift
My Girls not My gills
A needle not A nettle
Sweet as not Sweet ass
Kiss your deck not Kiss your dick
Pull your deck not pull your dick

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