Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Raquette Race- NEW YORK!

After the final week of instruction at MKC we spent the week cleaning up and closing the resort. It has been an awesome experience for me working at MKC and I really appreciate the opportunity I had to work there alongside many good instructors.
Sunday night Katrina, Joel K, Seth and I headed into Ottawa and stayed the night enroute to the Raquette Race in the US state of New York!
A quick practice lap down the rowdy class four run prepared us for the exciting race that was held on the Monday. About a 7minute race run which included loads of slides and drops. With only 1 practice lap and being the only ladies Katrina and I decided to run the race together. It was super sweet! My lines in the race were not as smooth as my practice run but I was sooo stoked to be back on a creek! This creek kind of reminded me of the Wairoa in NZ, although it had bigger slides and more burl.
Got me pumped for the upcoming missions!
Now I am back on the Ottawa river for my final week here in Ontario before heading down to Pennsylvania for the Gauley Festival. Stoked to have my sister Izzy here this week!:)
Photo credit: Wiseacre gardens.

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