Friday, January 04, 2013

2012 Finito

Since the WWGP finished I have joined up with a sweet Kiwi crew of Blair Trottman, Matt Burton, Dean Woodgate and their Canadian accomplice Mitch! It has been great to reunite and hang with some Kiwi boys again. We cruised to the Rio Gol Gol for Christmas and joined up with Blairs lady, Leith and Natalie and an awesome Auzzy couple. Unfortunately the rain gods had really gone to town and left the Rio Gol Gol in serious flood. So instead of going kayaking on Christmas we spent the day indoors enjoying hot wine and playing board games, it turned out really sweet.
After boxing day we headed back to Pucon to jump on the Nevados. The boys Natalie and I went right up into the upper canyon gorge and finished just above the Demshitz drop. I had not run the upper canyon or Dulce Amour so was really stoked to rally down the whole Nevados with our sick crew! I had one of the best days I have had on the water in a while. Just stoked to be paddling with some Kiwis again and with a good crew.
Mitch, Dean, Matt and I then departed Pucon for Santiago on the night bus and then continued on to Pichilamu- Chiles sweetest surf spot. It was so nice to be back in the pacific ocean although the waters were definately cold. We hired some wetsuits and surfboards from a shop on the beach and spent the next week eating, surfing and sleeping. We celebrated in 2013 with a steak meal and wine followed by watching fireworks on the beach and a midnight dip in the ocean.
Its time now for me to head back to New Zealand. I will be straight into working and potentially back studying. But my plans are to continue kayaking and get back on the charge!

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