Sunday, December 16, 2012

Stage 1 WWGP- Rio Gol Gol Enduro

Checkout the video of Stage 1 below!

video below of what we experienced as racers!

The first event was on the Rio Gol Gol. So we all loaded up and headed to this raging beauty to learn the lines for this 6minute Enduro race. The day before the competition it rained really hard and this caused the river to rise a lot. I felt pretty good for the race, I was the first woman off the start and was pretty sure of all of the lines. However the morning of the race came and the river had risen a lot more then we had expected. For the racing 2 groups had been assigned, Group A which both Kiwi Lou Urwin and myself were in and then group B. Group A was off first and this meant that Group B got to paddle down and run safety for group A. The option to do a scout run was there for the competitors in Group A, but I opted out as I wanted to save my energy for the racing and decided that most of the lines were probably the same. I got to the startline and ended up opting for the easiest line off the start. I was feeling conservative as the water was higher then the previous days and I was quite sure this was going to make things a bit more intense. I was right, going down the high water Rio Gol Gol was super exciting and definately one of the most intense race courses I have been on. My run was not fast but I had some okay lines off some of the drops. The next day we had our second run and for me this went a lot better. I still was not as fast as I believe I can be but I was just stoked to be out there competing on such a tough course. I finished up 5th lady after Nouria Newman, Martina Wegman, Katrina Van Wijk and Natalie Anderson.

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