Sunday, December 16, 2012

Stage 3 WWGP- Rio Nevados!

Video from Stage 3:

Stage 3: With a lot of rain hitting the Pucon area the Rio Nevados came in! I was really stoked to get on this run! Starting with a massive slide this run includes a nice variety of clean drops, sweet boofs and tight gorges. The race course was just over a minute long and once you did your race run you were committed to paddling out the rest of the run. My first run went well however I got stuck on a rock at the bottom of the slide for a bit. My second run went better except for the final part where I took a few rolls. I finished in 5th. It was a really awesome day of racing and I was really happy to race such a fun and exciting race course.

Here is a preview put together by Rush Sturges:

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