Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Adidas Sickline Extreme Race- Extreme Kayak World Champs!

Two years ago I came here to Austria to watch the Kiwi boys dominate in the competition that has been labelled the ‘Extreme Kayak World Champs’. This year I am here to once again watch the boys dominate but also compete myself. There is a small womens class of around 10 that includes Martina Wegman of the Netherlands, Ros Lawrence of Australia, Anne Hubner from Germany, Nina Halasova of Slovakia and Caro Loir from France, along with a few others. For us the race will be only down the Qualification section of the course which includes two descent sized drops that are followed by a 1-2min class 2/3 section of white water. The river has been dropping lower each day and the weather remains nice and sunny each day. Its good to have sunny weather here in the Valley as otherwise it can be quite cold! Today I hit up the main race course- thanks to my sweet safety by Jamie Sutton it was all good:). I managed to get the drop well on my last run but am afraid I now owe two booty beers! Enjoying the paddling anyway and stoked to be here!Checkout some of last year’s racing here and for info on the event checkout this website:

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